*NwA* Clan

*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.8.0 Changelog

Another small patch for PR:BF2 but with some big impacts to gameplay which you can read in the Dev Blog here. As well as a first set of fixes to the new beta map Sahel introduced in v1.4.7.0 based on the early feedback (don't forget to give your own here). Enjoy the update!

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v1.4.8.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.8.0 Changelog (2017/April/23)

  • Fixed first cache taking too long to reveal.

  • Updated maximum amount of grenadiers to 8.

  • Fixed crash related to T72B.
  • Fixed french trucks being too fast.

  • Updated SPG-9 reload time to 10s down from 15s.
  • Updated handheld weapon damage system. (More information here)

  • General
    • Updated ticket bleed to scale up slower.
  • Battle of Ia Drang
    • CNC: Removed spawn delay on NVA trucks.
  • Bijar Canyon
    • Updated runways to be longer.
  • Burning Sands
    • AAS16: Added slat armor to Scimitar.
    • AAS32: Reduced Scorpion spawn time to 15min and BMP-1 spawn time to 10min.
  • Jabal Al Burj
    • Fixed crash related to the map.
  • Sahel
    • Added base protection.
    • Added more cover.
    • Fixed being unable to exit UAV.
    • Updated France to use woodland camouflage.
    • AAS: Added AAS32 with pre-capped flags for France.
    • INS:...
Important Moving to Discord
Hello everyone,

Little quiet around here now which is rather sad. i know alot of you are still around so...

To update ourselves a little bit *NwA* will be moving from Teamspeak to Discord. Its a lot more easier to use and much easier to see when people are online and what they are playing. (and its free)

For those who dont have Discord you can download it HERE. Its free and very easy to set up.

Once you have downloaded it all you have to do is click on the link below and you will join the server automatically.

*NwA* Discord Server ------- Click it!

Lets hope this can bring us back in touch just a little bit more.


RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.7.0 Changelog

Outside from the usual fixes and smaller changes, this update marks a change in development for PR:BF2. Introducing new maps to the players was sometimes difficult as initial feedback would be scarce and only based on a few public play sessions during events. Today we introduce a new system by releasing a map before it's completion to all players and servers. This will offer us more feedback and will allow the mapping team to complete the new maps with this information in mind. We then also ask players to post their feedback and bug reports in the forums.

The first map we will introduce under this new system is Sahel. A 2x2km map being the first PR map in the jungle of Africa. Do note that under this new system the map will be visually incomplete and have more issues then usual. It also does not support a high amount of gamemodes and layers. The map is likely to be removed in a future patch awaiting it's completion and full release.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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v1.4.7.0 is available shortly for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.7.0 Changelog (2017/April/13)

  • Fixed game freezing shortly when switching BUIS mode.
  • Fixed switching BUIS mode while chatting, menu open or game minimized.
  • Updated BUIS to not switch mode while scoped in.
  • Updated insurgency to show cache markers only 30 seconds...
RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.6.0 Changelog

This small update provides additional fixes and changes to improve the game since the PR:BF2 v1.4 launch.

v1.4.6.0 is available now!

PR:BF2 v1.4.6.0 Changelog (2017/March/07)

  • Fixed BMP-3 bow MGs shooting straight for other players.
  • Fixed FSA logistics van.
  • Fixed Stormer smoke ammo counter.
  • Fixed not being able to switch back from POV cameras in some choppers.
  • Unlocked _bf2 vehicles for humans.
  • Updated Apache to have 60° down angle and better align the sight.
  • Updated Puma to have grey instead of green thermals.
  • Updated thermals to make vehicle dust effects "cold" and semi-transparent.

  • Fixed CAS small caliber weapons having way too much splash.
  • Fixed SVD sight alignment.
  • Updated AAV missiles to have less recoil.
  • Updated GLATGM to have less recoil.
  • Updated MG3 MMG ammo to 150 from 120.

  • Bamyan
    • Reduced fog distance.
  • Beirut
    • AAS32: Fixed it.
  • Burning Sands
    • AAS32: Replaced T-72M with Scorpion.
  • Fools Road
    • AAS16: Added night factions with flares.
  • Gaza
    • INS16: Updated cache count to 3 from 2.
  • Vadso
    • Removed pre placed firebase (spawn rally remains).

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RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog

This small update provides additional fixes and changes to improve the game since the PR:BF2 v1.4 launch.

v1.4.5.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog (2017/February/12)

  • Added option in PR Launcher settings to disable LOD switching for static objects. Experimental to test performance impact.
  • Added option in PR Launcher settings to clear logo cache on launch.
  • Added new WHOT/BHOT switching for thermals in vehicles and weapons featuring this.
  • Fixed asset overview not correctly showing decimal spawn times.
  • Fixed commander laser marker not working.
  • Fixed snow effects showing HOT on thermal.
  • Fixed various weapons and vehicles not having proper muzzle flashes on night layers.

  • Fixed being able to get more than one rally point.
  • Fixed being able to spawn on disabled outposts.
  • Fixed commander CAS marker.
  • Fixed ban_info.log not showing banning admin.

  • Updated and optimized Lynx helicopter model.
  • Updated M2A2 Bradley gunner HUD to be less pixelated.
  • Updated coax MG of many vehicles to represent ammo per belt and total carried more realistically.
  • Fixed doorgunners clipping through sides of CH-146 helicopter.
  • Fixed VN-3 being too strongly armored.
  • Fixed MTLB 7.62 gun not overheating.
  • Fixed Mirage IIIEA R.530 MRAAM not having lock-on tone.
  • Fixed British FV101 Scorpion having green tracers.
  • Fixed ammo counter not working on multiple weapons.
  • Fixed CAS huey miniguns not having overheat HUD bar.
  • Fixed AMX10RC having odd sound issues at full speed.

  • Updated MEC AR by removing undeployed mode for MG3.
  • Updated spawnmenu kits for taliban by replacing grenadier with rifleman AP.
  • Fixed not being able to request Argentinian...

The Project Reality team would like to announce the release of an official retro map pack! This map pack brings back 21 maps that were part of Project Reality in the last 11 years.
Featuring both Advance And Secure as the primary gamemode and Co-Operative gamemode for our Co-Op community, these maps are updated with latest assets and gameplay in mind. Get ready to see more of the Dutch faction and new adversaries such as MEC vs. RF!

This is an official map pack so servers will be allowed to host these maps without a password.

As part of the release, Hardcore Gaming will be hosting the map pack on their server this New Year's weekend! Many thanks for their support.

We'd like to thank authors over at Battlefield Singleplayer and Allied Intent Xtended for their work on Co-Op supported BF2 maps, some of which are featured in this map pack.

Complete Retro Map Pack Overviews
Spoiler for Overviews:

Retro Map Pack Information

There are some map-specific gameplay rules...