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  2. Master server is back online!
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*NwA* Clan

Noobs with Attitude is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

NwA-Clan.com Server Upgrade
Hey guys,

Recently we have migrated to a new server as we were having a few issues with our previous host.

Teamspeak 3 and the web servers are already running on this new server, the new PR servers are also running but password protected whilst we wait for the PR devs to switch our mumble IP to the new one.

It seems the long load time between maps is gone, so hopefully less crashes on map loading.

*NwA* Clan
Hi everyone. Time for an update on the current situation with the master server.

Firstly, it's back up. You can all go play now! Yay!

But for those still reading, I want to give you all an overview of what happened over the last week, and what's happening in the future, so this doesn't happen again (or so it doesn't happen as bad again). To start with though, I want to apologise to everyone for the downtime. It sucked, and I know how much everyone was wanting to play, but couldn't.

What is this Master Server?

The master server is what controls your online player logins, and the ability to see servers in the ingame server list. This service used to be provided by GameSpy, and many games used this. However, in 2014, GameSpy was shut down, and Battlefield 2 became abandonware. To keep PR alive, we reverse engineered the original GameSpy master server and launched a replacement service. Also Forgotten Hope 2 was invited to use our master server as well, in the spirit of community relations.

What happened to it?

Last Saturday, the master server was attacked by a DDOS attack. This caused our server provider to null route the IP address running the master server, effectively shutting it down. When the master server is down, no one can play PR online. Also, since FH2 is using the master server, they were also affected by this downtime. Obviously, quite a bad situation to be in. This wasn't a new thing to us though, it's happened several times before, where we've had outages for a few hours here and there.

Why did it take a week to come back up?

Shortly after the DDOS took down the master server, I contacted the server provider to request more information, and to release the null route, like I normally do. Unfortunately, this occurred on a weekend, and the...
Hi everyone, just a quick update here.

As many of you have found out, the PR Master Server was taken offline a few hours ago.

After discussion with the server provider, service can't be restored until their higher tier support team arrives business hours Monday-Friday.

I'm somewhat disappointed by this news, but I guess that's what happens when you go with a cheap server provider. Unfortunately, I'm not made of money, and I can only afford so much to keep you guys playing. I do what I can, but it's times like this when it's clear it's not enough :(

So the current ETA for service to be restored is Monday sometime, hopefully. Not exactly the news you guys are wanting to hear, I'm sure.

I'm definitely going to be investigating another provider after this incident, as I am quite disappointed in the level of service we're getting. But that isn't going to happen right now. So I guess in the meantime, you will all have to find something else to occupy your time. Perhaps Squad?

Also, to pre-empt some questions about donations., unfortunately it won't help in this case, so please save your money. Donations go directly to our web admin, [R-DEV]2Slick4U (who hasn't been around for the last year or so), to pay for the website hosting only. No one else has access to this money. The PR Master Server, and various other critical services, are provided by myself out of my own pocket.

I'm extremely sorry to everyone for this news, but not much can be done about it. We'll give you all an update when service is restored.

Thanks for your understanding.


The award-winning Project Reality Team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 v1.3.5!


First of all, a big thank you to our PR Community for being with us over all these years! You are the heart and soul of Project Reality. Your support is what keeps us going! Today we launch our 36th major update:

Project Reality:BF2 v1.3.5
In PR:BF2 v1.3.5 we introduce brand new vehicles, weapons, three new levels plus a full rework of an existing one and balance adjustments across all AAS map layers, while we still deliver the usual fixes and performance improvements.

For those still awaiting our major content updates, the work on those is in full progress! The Falklands, PR:WWII and multiple community factions along side many additions to our current factions and levels are getting closer to a beta release state. More info will follow soon, but now it's update time!

Enjoy the official Project Reality: BF2 v1.3.5 release trailer here while you're downloading the new update:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


Hi everyone

Back in 2011 we had an idea that became PR:ARMA 2. We gathered together a great team of developers and eventually released a few iterations of a mod that we do believe was really good fun.

However, from the technical point of view PR:ARMA 2 was a bit of a mess - two separate systems from the era of ARMA 1 held together by duct tape. The original idea was to have 100 players on a server. On the day of the launch we did get 100 players on the server, the only problem was that the server reported 0 "FPS", or simulation cycles per second if you will. Now, the networking in ARMA is infamous on its own but the scripts did not do it any favour. The amount of traffic being broadcast from the various scripts was staggering, with the zone capture system being probably the worst offender - every time somebody was capturing a zone the server and all the connected clients would be updated with the capture status of all the zones in the mission. Approximately every 0.1 seconds.

Another major issue was that as the mission went on timed events became delayed. The more people on the server the worse the delay. I remember once playing a mission where a helicopter which was supposed to respawn every 20 minutes had respawned nearly an hour later.

With all of this in mind and with ARMA 3 on the horizon Deadfast and I made the decision to start PR:ARMA 3 from scratch. We weren't naive to think that we could create something that would completely replace PR:ARMA 2 feature-wise. We wanted to start small and create a stable foundation to build upon: infantry-only missions, advance and secure game mode, squad system, kits, rally points. This would then be incrementally built upon.

And we got 99% of it done! The problem is that the past year we've been working on the last 1%. This is not an unknown phenomenon in software development. By the time you get this far it's nothing but a...


Campaign 11 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

The PRT Management Team is happy to announce the 11th Campaign of the Official Project Reality Tournament! Following the thrilling and balanced battles of Campaign 10 (decided by a grand finale). Once again, the PRT Staff have been working hard to prepare for this year's tournament, and once again we aim to deliver the ultimate Project Reality experience.

The new Staff, consisting of PRT Veterans, are also excited to announce some brand new features for this campaign. Designed for newcomers and hardened veterans alike, the PRT will provide a professional atmosphere for all types of players to improve and experience PR at its best.

In this large-scale campaign, we are pleased to introduce two newly formed coalitions: The Pacific Defense Initiative (PDI) will fight against the Mediterranean Response Force (MRF). Both teams will be assigned specific factions to play in order to contest the other for supremacy in the tournament.

This campaign was adapted to fit the demands of all the changes of the mod that have been made since the last campaign. With PR going standalone and having celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, this tournament will show you how the mod is meant to be played!



We actively strive for a good team balance that will result in some of the most thrilling and organized matches you will have ever experienced. Sign up and work your way...

We are happy to finally show you more information about our next release: v1.3.5. When we decided that with v1.3 we would bring a bigger focus on fixes and providing a smoother gameplay, we meant it. We have continued this trend with our recent development and have worked towards another release with a large amount of fixes, balancing, and new features that will make the Project Reality experience much better.

But that's not all of course! PR:BF2's v1.3.5 update will feature, in addition to the Kashan Desert remake, 3 brand new maps! Apart from that, there will be many other new features and changes, some of which you have already seen in other blogs and highlights, such as the new Russian grenades, RPG-7 series, parachute model and mechanics, and the German TPz Fuchs. For the full change-log, you will have to wait until we get closer to release, which won't be much longer. We are currently finishing up by fixing the last issues and testing all new features thoroughly with our QA Team.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]...​