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*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

RealityMod.com Map Vadso City Map Update
It has been a while since the last map update highlight and today we'd like to bring you Vadso City.

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To begin, the bushes were redone for gameplay reasons. Lower in height than before, tweaked density, no longer casting shadows to blend in more and re-exported 3D model itself to fix some issues, they should hopefully be less detrimental to gameplay.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
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Lightmaps were also optimized, reducing the large amount of textures loaded while also increasing quality in other areas. For anyone struggling with memory issues this should come as a welcome.

Next up, Advance and Secure (AAS). The infamous southern route has been removed along with the island flag. Three flag routes now focus on the city and points of interest closer to center of map. Domes of Death were expanded.

CAS and tanks were removed opting instead for a mix of BTR-80, BRDM-2 and MTLB on Russian side against Warrior, Scimitar, Land Rover and Panther on British side in terms of assets.



AAS Alternative now holds an inverted layout with Russians starting at Camp Nyborgmoen and British at Carrier and Gas Station.


AAS Infantry features an alternate sky setting with lower view distance.


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Command and...

Today we release a small patch to fix some issues that appeared from yesterdays update.

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PR:BF2 v1.4.11.0 Changelog (2017/May/19)

  • Fixed asset deployment breaking in rare occasions.

  • Fixed players being able to walk through wall of the farm house on Ulyanovsk.

  • Kashan Desert
    • Fixed MEC using wrong tanks.
  • Khamisiyah
    • Fixed roads.

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Today we add a few new assets to the game. Including a new deployable for our insurgent forces. As well as further fixes and changes. Enjoy the update! Do note we are still working on and refining the much discussed weapon damage model. This release does not feature any changes to the damage model but more will come in the near future.

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[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

PR:BF2 v1.4.10.0 Changelog (2017/May/19)

  • Fixed BUIS not working when having alternative key for change camera view assigned.
  • Fixed FSA not requiring crates to deploy ATGM.
  • Updated asset deployment code to make it easier to build on slopes.

  • Added deployable DShK Tripod as anti-air emplacement to unconventional forces (Militia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas, ARF, FSA, NVA).
  • Fixed M60 bipod moving weirdly in 3p.
  • Fixed SA-7 having inverted faces on sight.
  • Fixed miniguns killing T90 too easily.
  • Updated Vietnam M14 to be only single fire.
  • Updated engineer repair kit to no longer repair choppers.
  • Updated engineer repair kit to take longer to repair vehicles.
  • Updated handheld Stinger to have no zoom.

  • Added CAS CH146 armed with M134.
  • Fixed BMP-3 cannon reload sound not synced with reload time.
  • Fixed misaligned sights on Chinese Mi-17 door gunners.
  • Updated BMP-3 cannon to shoot at correct velocity.
  • Updated Stormer and Tunguska to fire at one missile per second.
  • Updated Stormer driver to exit in back.
  • Updated...
RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.9.0 Changelog

Another small patch for PR:BF2 with an iteration of the damage changes of last week and some other small fixes and changes See below for more in-depth information on the changes to the weapon damage model.

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v1.4.9.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.9.0 Changelog (2017/April/30)

  • Fixed shotgun damage vs supply crates and doors.
  • Updated hanheld damage system (see below).

  • Fixed cable drum disappearing too soon.

  • Gaza
    • INS16: Replaced M113 with Namer.
  • Sahel
    • Fixed sliding vehicles.
    • Added woodland camouflage for ARF soldiers.
  • Kozelsk
    • Fixed metal bushes.
    • Updated combat area to increase playable area.

Damage changes
In this patch we further tweak the damage changes. The main changes are:
  • Increased damage of pistol calibers.
  • Reduced damage vs upper leg.

The full damage chart and hit boxes you can see below:

Damage Chart

(click to make image larger)

Hit Boxes

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RealityMod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.8.0 Changelog

Another small patch for PR:BF2 but with some big impacts to gameplay which you can read in the Dev Blog here. As well as a first set of fixes to the new beta map Sahel introduced in v1.4.7.0 based on the early feedback (don't forget to give your own here). Enjoy the update!

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v1.4.8.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.8.0 Changelog (2017/April/23)

  • Fixed first cache taking too long to reveal.

  • Updated maximum amount of grenadiers to 8.

  • Fixed crash related to T72B.
  • Fixed french trucks being too fast.

  • Updated SPG-9 reload time to 10s down from 15s.
  • Updated handheld weapon damage system. (More information here)

  • General
    • Updated ticket bleed to scale up slower.
  • Battle of Ia Drang
    • CNC: Removed spawn delay on NVA trucks.
  • Bijar Canyon
    • Updated runways to be longer.
  • Burning Sands
    • AAS16: Added slat armor to Scimitar.
    • AAS32: Reduced Scorpion spawn time to 15min and BMP-1 spawn time to 10min.
  • Jabal Al Burj
    • Fixed crash related to the map.
  • Sahel
    • Added base protection.
    • Added more cover.
    • Fixed being unable to exit UAV.
    • Updated France to use woodland camouflage.
    • AAS: Added AAS32 with pre-capped flags for France.
    • INS:...
Important Moving to Discord
Hello everyone,

Little quiet around here now which is rather sad. i know alot of you are still around so...

To update ourselves a little bit *NwA* will be moving from Teamspeak to Discord. Its a lot more easier to use and much easier to see when people are online and what they are playing. (and its free)

For those who dont have Discord you can download it HERE. Its free and very easy to set up.

Once you have downloaded it all you have to do is click on the link below and you will join the server automatically.

*NwA* Discord Server ------- Click it!

Lets hope this can bring us back in touch just a little bit more.