*NwA* Clan

*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

We are proud to announce that we are getting rid of another BF2 relic: The BF2 parachute.

For its replacement the more authentic parachute made by [R-CON]lucky.BOY will be added. It was originally made for PR:WW2, but since those types of parachutes are still used it will fit modern PR just fine. No worries, PR:WW2 will benefit from it as well ;)


Model: [R-CON]lucky.BOY
Texture: [R-CON]CTRifle & MasterX
Export: [R-DEV]KaB & [R-DEV]Rhino

The new parachute will now also draw for a way bigger distance allowing you to spot and engage paratroopers more easily. To add to the parachuting experience [R-DEV]KaB created new 3rd person animations.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG]

As you can see the soldier is now holding the strings of the parachute instead of his rifle. This also means you will no longer be able to shoot while hanging in the air.


In addition to this new way of falling to the ground, we also changed the way you are going to deploy as a paratrooper at the beginning of the round.
Instead of having the parachute spawnpoints/planes circle the battlefield, they will now fly straight lines between two points. The green icons mark the beginning of the drop zone and the red ones the end. The planes will start as soon as the briefing time ends....
RealityMod.com Map Kashan Desert Redux
Hello everyone!

In this Highlight we would like to show you the rework of Kashan Desert. I would like to share my thoughts why I decided to remake Kashan by giving it a new breeze.


Kashan Desert was the first 4km map to be featured in Project Reality. It became an instant classic. Loved and hated by many, today it lacks certain qualities that have been introduced into more recent maps.

Terrain morphing was a big problem on the old Kashan Desert. Now the terrain has gone trough a smoothing process and it will be much easier to navigate with vehicles and you also have more places to hide in due to the added natural erosion in the heightmap. The bunker-area went trough a change as well with more cover for infantry from the mountainous area and the heavy assets surrounding them. the HESCO-bariers on the sides have been replaced with the L-variant so you wont be able to look into it from the outside anymore. The most dramatic change was done to North Village, it expanded into a small town now giving the infantry a much better chance to defend the flag there. The Airbases have also been totally redone using the new airbase system with a much more realistic layout from before.


We also have made the Canadian vehicle textures look more authentic by making them dirty with desert sand. This way they will fit in more with the Kashan terrain.

[​IMG] [​IMG]


The original Kashan Desert was created by...

Hi everyone

Back in 2011 we had an idea that became PR:ARMA 2. We gathered together a great team of developers and eventually released a few iterations of a mod that we do believe was really good fun.

However, from the technical point of view PR:ARMA 2 was a bit of a mess - two separate systems from the era of ARMA 1 held together by duct tape. The original idea was to have 100 players on a server. On the day of the launch we did get 100 players on the server, the only problem was that the server reported 0 "FPS", or simulation cycles per second if you will. Now, the networking in ARMA is infamous on its own but the scripts did not do it any favour. The amount of traffic being broadcast from the various scripts was staggering, with the zone capture system being probably the worst offender - every time somebody was capturing a zone the server and all the connected clients would be updated with the capture status of all the zones in the mission. Approximately every 0.1 seconds.

Another major issue was that as the mission went on timed events became delayed. The more people on the server the worse the delay. I remember once playing a mission where a helicopter which was supposed to respawn every 20 minutes had respawned nearly an hour later.

With all of this in mind and with ARMA 3 on the horizon Deadfast and I made the decision to start PR:ARMA 3 from scratch. We weren't naive to think that we could create something that would completely replace PR:ARMA 2 feature-wise. We wanted to start small and create a stable foundation to build upon: infantry-only missions, advance and secure game mode, squad system, kits, rally points. This would then be incrementally built upon.

And we got 99% of it done! The problem is that the past year we've been working on the last 1%. This is not an unknown phenomenon in software development. By the time you get this far it's nothing but a...


Campaign 11 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

The PRT Management Team is happy to announce the 11th Campaign of the Official Project Reality Tournament! Following the thrilling and balanced battles of Campaign 10 (decided by a grand finale). Once again, the PRT Staff have been working hard to prepare for this year's tournament, and once again we aim to deliver the ultimate Project Reality experience.

The new Staff, consisting of PRT Veterans, are also excited to announce some brand new features for this campaign. Designed for newcomers and hardened veterans alike, the PRT will provide a professional atmosphere for all types of players to improve and experience PR at its best.

In this large-scale campaign, we are pleased to introduce two newly formed coalitions: The Pacific Defense Initiative (PDI) will fight against the Mediterranean Response Force (MRF). Both teams will be assigned specific factions to play in order to contest the other for supremacy in the tournament.

This campaign was adapted to fit the demands of all the changes of the mod that have been made since the last campaign. With PR going standalone and having celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, this tournament will show you how the mod is meant to be played!



We actively strive for a good team balance that will result in some of the most thrilling and organized matches you will have ever experienced. Sign up and work your way...