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*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.


After a long wait, we can finally share more of what to expect for the next major release of Project Reality: v1.4. The much anticipated Falklands theater will make its re-introduction, but what else is there? Here is a listing of some of the major features you can expect to see in the next release.

Throughout this announcement, many topics will be linked to previously released blogs and highlights with more detail. This is by no means a full and complete list of all features and content. For that see the full changelog which we plan to release tomorrow. We plan to release v1.4 in the next few days. But unforeseen consequences could push this back. Let us now introduce you to the changes:

The Falklands
The Falklands Expansion has finally been fully integration into v1.4, and it has received quite an update since it was last released with v0.981. Featuring the British and Argentine factions with kit and weapons from the 1982 war, with some brand new infantry weapons, such as the L4A4 Bren LMG, the Sterling submachine gun and the Shorts Blowpipe to name a few. There are also some new stationary weapons such as the Tigercat SAM and Rheinmetall Rh 202 AAA gun also make their appearance. Both factions feature a varied arsenal of new aircraft and weapons for our pilots out there.
Alongside all the new content; We are also introducing new gameplay systems such as the CLOS SAMs,...
Hey Guys!

Firstly sorry it's been such a long time since my last update, but some real life issues came up earlier in the year and then in the summer I got an opportunity to travel to Indochina and the North American Great Lakes for a couple of months which I couldn't turn down. As such I'm sorry to say that I haven't been able to work on PR as much as I originally planned to this year and I regret to inform you, that we have decided that the Type 21 Frigate, and some other assets and gameplay features related to it will not be making the v1.4 release as we had originally stated. However we are all working on doing the final polish for v1.4 and there are still a lot of other features for you to enjoy, and the Frigate will just be making an appearance at a later date is all ;)

With that said let's take a look at some of the new stuff coming with the v1.4 PR: Falklands integration!
This highlight is mostly an extension of the PR:F Update #15 highlight where we have added and changed a few things since that was written ;)

Mk17 1000lb General Purpose Bomb

This British-made dumb bomb is a relic of WW2, with an updated tail thin and arming fuse than its original WW2 design but it's basically the same bomb that Lancasters Bombers dropped on Berlin.

This bomb was used by both sides during the war since ironically, the British sold lots of these bombs to Argentina before the conflict broke out, along with lots of other British-made weapons, such as the Blowpipe & Tigercat SAMs to name a few.

This was possibly the most used bomb by the Argentinians during the 1982 Falklands war and was responsible for sinking quite a few ships. This is also...
The *NwA* Project Reality Servers will be shut down for the last time on 4/11/2016

Thank you for all your effort in trying to make this work at one point it look like we had done it but summer hit us hard and it dont look like people have come back.

I will be keeping our Teamspeak and Website up for the forseable future and we will still be accepting new members from project reality aswell as any other games that our members play.

Thank you


Today we are happy to announce and promote an official map pack made for the COOP community. This map pack was a joint effort by Rabbit and [R-CON]Spyker2041, delivering 7 maps to play on in the Cooperative / Singleplayer gamemode. It includes custom maps from vanilla Battlefield 2 that have been totally revamped with PR content and 1 retired Project Reality map.

This is an official map pack so servers will be allowed to host these maps without a password.
Many thanks to all mappers credited below for allowing us to remake their maps and use them in the map pack.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG]...​

Recruits, Sign-Ups are Open!

After reviewing many applications for officer positions, the Supreme Commanders are now ready to receive applications for grunt positions in both teams! In the past week, the teams have been working on setting up a team structure, contacting their officers, and assigning roles and responsibilities to ensure that the team staff and the squad leaders are dedicated and active to provide everyone with a great campaign.


Support your team by organizing and participating in team and squad trainings or help planning the strategy for the next battle. If you prove your leadership and fighting skills on the battlefield, work on your team's propaganda or recruit and train members for your team you can move up the ranks easily, as the past campaigns have shown.

Case in point, many of the staff of both teams joined PRT Campaign 10 and 11 as normal soldiers and were quickly promoted to SL and even higher for their work for the team. Do not hesitate to join up - even if it's only a reserve slot - everyone gets their fair chance to play and be promoted to normal soldier!
  • Training and playing sessions are organized by teams and squads.
  • Two new teams: "Allied Pacific Nations" (APN) and "Euro-Arabian Military Coalition" (EMC).
  • Dynamic and interactive campaign world map that pairs up a multitude of PR maps and layouts in several "Operations" requires strategy and planning between battles to win the campaign.
  • Interactive battleplanning tool with map and asset information.
  • Extensive forums...
Time for another step towards 1.4 with another public beta.
We got some more python changes that we need to test with full servers. All changes from previous beta will still be featured along of a few new additions. The focus this time lies on technical changes. Yosik and palko managed to update the python library of PR to version 2.7.12 up from 2.3.4. This increases performance, unlocks previously not available modules+functions and hopefully increases stability.
The beta is planned to run for one week, but will be extended or reduced as we see it necessary.

We provided the files to a couple of servers using both Windows and Linux versions to test if everything works smoothly.

Servers (updated as more join):

The few changes:

  • Updated Python version to 2.7.12
  • Added custom built in modules to increase performance

  • Added check to prevent building on top of caches
  • Added check to prevent building on top of enemies

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