*NwA* Clan

*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

The *NwA* Project Reality Servers will be shut down for the last time on 4/11/2016

Thank you for all your effort in trying to make this work at one point it look like we had done it but summer hit us hard and it dont look like people have come back.

I will be keeping our Teamspeak and Website up for the forseable future and we will still be accepting new members from project reality aswell as any other games that our members play.

Thank you


Today we are happy to announce and promote an official map pack made for the COOP community. This map pack was a joint effort by Rabbit and [R-CON]Spyker2041, delivering 7 maps to play on in the Cooperative / Singleplayer gamemode. It includes custom maps from vanilla Battlefield 2 that have been totally revamped with PR content and 1 retired Project Reality map.

This is an official map pack so servers will be allowed to host these maps without a password.
Many thanks to all mappers credited below for allowing us to remake their maps and use them in the map pack.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG]...​

Recruits, Sign-Ups are Open!

After reviewing many applications for officer positions, the Supreme Commanders are now ready to receive applications for grunt positions in both teams! In the past week, the teams have been working on setting up a team structure, contacting their officers, and assigning roles and responsibilities to ensure that the team staff and the squad leaders are dedicated and active to provide everyone with a great campaign.


Support your team by organizing and participating in team and squad trainings or help planning the strategy for the next battle. If you prove your leadership and fighting skills on the battlefield, work on your team's propaganda or recruit and train members for your team you can move up the ranks easily, as the past campaigns have shown.

Case in point, many of the staff of both teams joined PRT Campaign 10 and 11 as normal soldiers and were quickly promoted to SL and even higher for their work for the team. Do not hesitate to join up - even if it's only a reserve slot - everyone gets their fair chance to play and be promoted to normal soldier!
  • Training and playing sessions are organized by teams and squads.
  • Two new teams: "Allied Pacific Nations" (APN) and "Euro-Arabian Military Coalition" (EMC).
  • Dynamic and interactive campaign world map that pairs up a multitude of PR maps and layouts in several "Operations" requires strategy and planning between battles to win the campaign.
  • Interactive battleplanning tool with map and asset information.
  • Extensive forums...
Time for another step towards 1.4 with another public beta.
We got some more python changes that we need to test with full servers. All changes from previous beta will still be featured along of a few new additions. The focus this time lies on technical changes. Yosik and palko managed to update the python library of PR to version 2.7.12 up from 2.3.4. This increases performance, unlocks previously not available modules+functions and hopefully increases stability.
The beta is planned to run for one week, but will be extended or reduced as we see it necessary.

We provided the files to a couple of servers using both Windows and Linux versions to test if everything works smoothly.

Servers (updated as more join):

The few changes:

  • Updated Python version to 2.7.12
  • Added custom built in modules to increase performance

  • Added check to prevent building on top of caches
  • Added check to prevent building on top of enemies

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Campaign 12 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

The PRT Management Team is happy to announce the 12th Campaign of the Official Project Reality Tournament! Following the thrilling and balanced battles of Campaign 11. Once again, the PRT Staff have been working hard to prepare for this year's campaign, and once again we aim to deliver the ultimate Project Reality experience. C12 will be composed of 2 Prep-Battles + 6 Official Battles.

The new Staff is also excited to announce some brand new features for this campaign. Designed for newcomers and hardened veterans alike, the PRT will provide a professional atmosphere for all types of players to improve and experience PR at its best.

In this large-scale campaign, we are pleased to introduce two newly formed coalitions: Allied Pacific Nations (APN) will fight against the Euro-Arabian Military Coalition (EMC). Both teams will be assigned specific factions to play in order to contest the other for supremacy in the tournament.



We actively strive for a good team balance that will result in some of the most thrilling and organized matches you will have ever experienced. Sign up and work your way up in the hierarchy of your team. Train with your team mates and learn the best techniques of PR from the veterans. Organize events, collect map intelligence and develop battle plans and strategies to lead your team to victory!

  • ...
Today we started a public test for upcoming v1.4 Python(our main gameplay coding language in PR:BF2) changes and fixes. The test will run for one week and will be hosted on these servers:

Report bugs and feedback from playing on these servers here: Feedback thread

These are server side changes. You don't need to download anything!


  • Updated outpost overrunning system. They now get overrun when:
    • 8 soldiers are within 150m
    • 4 soldiers are within 100m
    • 2 soldiers are within 50m
  • Outposts stay overrun for 30 seconds and will become active 90 seconds after being build

  • Increased first disable roll limit to 50% up from 40%
  • Increased second disable roll limit to 25% up from 20%

  • Spawning as civilian medic should now be considered helping the insurgency
  • Civilians are now considered helping the insurgency using the shovel or deploying assets

  • Active flag markers should be more reliable
  • Made attackers unable to "hold" a flag. If you do not have the required 2-1 ratio the flag will go back towards defenders. If neither team controls flag, it goes back towards neutral.
  • Fixed players being considered as capping a flag in situations they shouldn't

  • Cache markers should be more reliable
  • Removed spawn point from unknown caches
  • Intelligence points are now capped between -50 and +50

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved error logging

  • Added new way to target...