*NwA* Clan

*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

Today we started a public test for upcoming v1.4 Python(our main gameplay coding language in PR:BF2) changes and fixes. The test will run for one week and will be hosted on these servers:

Report bugs and feedback from playing on these servers here: Feedback thread

These are server side changes. You don't need to download anything!


  • Updated outpost overrunning system. They now get overrun when:
    • 8 soldiers are within 150m
    • 4 soldiers are within 100m
    • 2 soldiers are within 50m
  • Outposts stay overrun for 30 seconds and will become active 90 seconds after being build

  • Increased first disable roll limit to 50% up from 40%
  • Increased second disable roll limit to 25% up from 20%

  • Spawning as civilian medic should now be considered helping the insurgency
  • Civilians are now considered helping the insurgency using the shovel or deploying assets

  • Active flag markers should be more reliable
  • Made attackers unable to "hold" a flag. If you do not have the required 2-1 ratio the flag will go back towards defenders. If neither team controls flag, it goes back towards neutral.
  • Fixed players being considered as capping a flag in situations they shouldn't

  • Cache markers should be more reliable
  • Removed spawn point from unknown caches
  • Intelligence points are now capped between -50 and +50

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved error logging

  • Added new way to target...
NwA-Clan.com *NwA* Clan Video
Made by @Lordas
- Note that this is about the PR Forums (Realitymod.com), our forums have NOT been breached.

Some of you may had a glimpse at some threads (that we removed) or heard rumors, but it's true that our forums have been breached in recent months. At least once that we know of. This breach included emails, usernames and possibly passwords. As we couldn't find several users in the breach it's likely the breach was only partial.

As many of you know our forum software is old and with no active web-developers this is very likely not going to change soon. So our security is not as good as it likely should be.

We have forced a password change on all our users here and on the Official PR Tournament forums and ask you with this notice to not use the same or similar passwords that u use here on other services. Please notify people that might not read this forum anymore as well of this.

We apologize for not being able to provide you with the security you deserve, but being a volunteering group it's sometimes hard to provide our players next to the game development also the best web service.

We hope you understand and once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

-PR Management

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RealityMod.com Map Gaza Map Update
Another classic map has been updated for v1.4. This time it's Gaza (Beach).

First introduced in v0.9 featuring then new Israeli Defense Forces faction and their opposition faction Hamas, Gaza has probably been the definition of close quarters hell in Project Reality.

The new Gaza has been in works since 2011 but remained on hold most of its time due to my absence. I'm proud to announce that after a year of work I've completed it and it will replace the current Gaza in v1.3.9 with v1.4 release.


View the full album here

It differs from old Gaza a lot; the main bases have been switched around, new road system, new areas in general although some portions of the city remained unchanged, see if you can spot them. ;)

A special addition to this map relates to the building commonly known as the "T-shape". Walls now block the staircase from outer view, making it slightly harder to hold the building by camping the staircase. Not all T-shapes on the map feature this, but the ones that matter do. ;)

Click on image to view full size.

As for gamemodes, the map features the usual Insurgency and AAS along with Skirmish and of course Co-Op support.

Insurgency features over 600 different cache positions with none near the map edges for gameplay purposes.





Original map by hfett
Map update by...
RealityMod.com Map Wanda Shan Map Update
Another map update for v1.4; this time Wanda Shan received some much needed adjustments.

Firstly, to address the issue of rubber banding/server lag the forest areas now use Saaremaa cluster trees, reducing the total number of trees that need to be loaded from ~45 000 to below 20 000, bringing it in line with other forest-heavy maps. Hopefully this will greatly reduce the lag experienced on this map.

Secondly, an overall cosmetic update to the map has been made.


Click on the image to view full size. You can view full album here.

Gameplay has also been changed with new gamemode layers, flag layouts and asset loadouts.

After going through past feedback and with new tank armor changes in store for v1.4, AAS Standard layout has been changed to the rather mirrored but balanced asset loadout featuring ZSL-92 APC, Type 86 IFV, Z-9 light transport helicopter and Mi-17 medium transport helicopter on Chinese side while German side features Puma APC and IFV, Bell UH-1D light transport helicopter and NH-90 medium transport helicopter along with other vehicles.


AAS Alternative adds two ZTZ-99 and two Leopard 2A6 along with a Z-9WA Haitun HF-25 as Chinese light attack helicopter to the existing mix.


AAS Infantry features four...
We are happy to finally show you a special project that we have been working on for Project Reality 1.4.2016.

As most of you know, the Project Reality playerbase has been getting smaller since the release of 1.0 (standalone). So besides getting Falklands ready for 1.4, the Project Reality development team has been working hard to come up with new ideas of how to make Project Reality great again!

The last months have put us under alot of pressure and hard work but we are finally at a point where we can show the community some real results.

By looking at popular games such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefront 3 we found that most FPS players enjoy faster paced gameplay, with more action than what we see today in Project Reality.

By taking small bits and pieces from all of these titles, we came up with a new kind of Project Reality gamemode, while still keeping it true to its roots. The changes we have made to maps, vehicles, weapons, and the entire AAS gamemode will make combat more frequent and fast paced.

In addition to getting all current maps up to these standards, we are also working hard to create fresh maps, as well as upgrading our current weapons and vehicles to better reflect the advanced technology of today, and even tomorrow.

With that said, we are proud to announce that one of these new maps is ready for testing, and we are letting you all participate!


We realize this is a major change of how Project Reality is played and that is why we want as many players as possible to join us and give us the feedback needed for further improvements.

Because this is an alpha test event, and the changes to the current PR files would be too big, it is impossible for us to use the launcher to deliver this content. You will have to download the files...