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*Noobs with Attitude* is a Project Reality mod based clan with members from all over the world.

RealityMod.com Map Beirut Map Update
As you may have gathered from the recent blog, something has happened to Beirut. No, it isn't being removed as some feared, rather we've given it a makeover.

It began three months ago while discussing Beirut in the team forums. "I'd like to change the sky settings", "Could we edit the factory" and "Could you update the map with your new statics" and gears started turning.

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First, the factory area has been changed. A key difference is that it now has two additional exits in form of two broken spots in the fence. This should make it harder to camp the factory.

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The industrial warehouse building that had slightly awkward window heights (and lacked LODs) was removed and replaced with similar assets across the map leading to some object placement changes, significantly at factory and railway depot. A few other areas were also changed.

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Additionally, as part of "your new statics" the Muttrah waterfront statics used in the south-west part of the city were redone, including turning one of them enterable.

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Almond trees were redone, fixing a few small issues and populate a portion of the map now.

Hey guys,

Recently we have migrated to a new server as we were having a few issues with our previous host.

Teamspeak 3 and the web servers are already running on this new server, the new PR servers are also running but password protected whilst we wait for the PR devs to switch our mumble IP to the new one.

It seems the long load time between maps is gone, so hopefully less crashes on map loading.

*NwA* Clan
Hi everyone. Time for an update on the current situation with the master server.

Firstly, it's back up. You can all go play now! Yay!

But for those still reading, I want to give you all an overview of what happened over the last week, and what's happening in the future, so this doesn't happen again (or so it doesn't happen as bad again). To start with though, I want to apologise to everyone for the downtime. It sucked, and I know how much everyone was wanting to play, but couldn't.

What is this Master Server?

The master server is what controls your online player logins, and the ability to see servers in the ingame server list. This service used to be provided by GameSpy, and many games used this. However, in 2014, GameSpy was shut down, and Battlefield 2 became abandonware. To keep PR alive, we reverse engineered the original GameSpy master server and launched a replacement service. Also Forgotten Hope 2 was invited to use our master server as well, in the spirit of community relations.

What happened to it?

Last Saturday, the master server was attacked by a DDOS attack. This caused our server provider to null route the IP address running the master server, effectively shutting it down. When the master server is down, no one can play PR online. Also, since FH2 is using the master server, they were also affected by this downtime. Obviously, quite a bad situation to be in. This wasn't a new thing to us though, it's happened several times before, where we've had outages for a few hours here and there.

Why did it take a week to come back up?

Shortly after the DDOS took down the master server, I contacted the server provider to request more information, and to release the null route, like I normally do. Unfortunately, this occurred on a weekend, and the...
Hi everyone, just a quick update here.

As many of you have found out, the PR Master Server was taken offline a few hours ago.

After discussion with the server provider, service can't be restored until their higher tier support team arrives business hours Monday-Friday.

I'm somewhat disappointed by this news, but I guess that's what happens when you go with a cheap server provider. Unfortunately, I'm not made of money, and I can only afford so much to keep you guys playing. I do what I can, but it's times like this when it's clear it's not enough :(

So the current ETA for service to be restored is Monday sometime, hopefully. Not exactly the news you guys are wanting to hear, I'm sure.

I'm definitely going to be investigating another provider after this incident, as I am quite disappointed in the level of service we're getting. But that isn't going to happen right now. So I guess in the meantime, you will all have to find something else to occupy your time. Perhaps Squad?

Also, to pre-empt some questions about donations., unfortunately it won't help in this case, so please save your money. Donations go directly to our web admin, [R-DEV]2Slick4U (who hasn't been around for the last year or so), to pay for the website hosting only. No one else has access to this money. The PR Master Server, and various other critical services, are provided by myself out of my own pocket.

I'm extremely sorry to everyone for this news, but not much can be done about it. We'll give you all an update when service is restored.

Thanks for your understanding.


RealityMod.com Gameplay CLOS SAM Systems
Today we would like to introduce you to a brand new gameplay feature coming in v1.4, Command to Line-Of-Sight Guidance for Surface-to-Air Missiles, or CLOS SAMs for short.

The Definition of Command to Line-Of-Sight (CLOS) is a type of Missile (or Bomb) Guidance where a ground station (or aircraft) relay signals to a guided missile via radio control (or possibly through a wire connecting the missile to the launcher) and tells the missile where to steer in order to intercept its target.

Command to Line-Of-Sight (CLOS) Guidance is the oldest and original form of precision guidance for a weapon, first developed and used (with successes) during World War II on the Fritz X Guided Anti-Ship Glide Bomb and forms of this guidance are still used widely today.

Many of you will be familiar with the Command to Line-Of-Sight (CLOS) Guidance Concept on many of our Guided Anti-Tank Missiles ingame such as the TOW, MILAN, HJ-8, ERYX, etc. But as of yet, none of our Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) have had CLOS Guidance ingame, and instead have only used the standard Infrared/Radar Homing Guidance, where you lock onto the target, fire, and the missile does the rest, as best it can.

While Command to Line-Of-Sight (CLOS) Guidance for Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs) on the face of it may sound like a really bad idea, there are quite a few advantages to it, as well as some of the obvious disadvantages.

CLOS Advantages
  1. No "Lock-On" Delay until you can fire the missile at the target.
  2. No Missile...

Hi guys, we're back and happy to announce that WW2 is back into PR starting on the 28th! More information about this please click HERE.

It's been quite a long time ever since the Alpha event and we are looking forward for this one to be just as successful. The long interval obviously had its downs in terms of productivity but it was also an exceptional year for many of the members in our team. In the past few months we have picked up the pace and are happy to show you the fruits of our hard labor. This release will solidify the foundations for PR's integration and we are looking forward to complete that step as soon as possible. Please give feedback to help us through.

With no more delay, here's a peek of what we prepared for this Beta release.



For more pics please click on the image above.

The main highlight of the past Alpha event went through a serie of changes that significantly altered not only its face but gameplay as well. It will be noticeable for players that were present in the Alpha event that the brightness and color tones are quite different. Rabbit took upon himself to lower the dense vegetation covering the ridges for better performance. That change also brought along a change of scenery. There are more vivid colors as well as a brighter lightning that will allow the Wehrmacht to spot the americans easier. To those players that complained about not being able to overlook the beach from the trenches, Rabbit also took upon himself to make that a reality in a few of them. However, remember that the trench system was...